Effects of Kicking Nine Ball Training on Goals to Improve Shooting Accuracy Skills of Class IIIA Physical Education Students FKIP UNRI

Zainur Zainur, Rola Angga Lardika


The purpose of this study is to provide optimization of nine ball kicking exercises to the goal to improve the accuracy of shooting skills of Physical Education students. The population in this study amounted to 35 students of class III a Physical Education Dept of Riau University. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling. The research data collection instrument is the Shooting at the ball test. Based on the statistical analysis of the t test, it was obtained a different value of 4.12 and yielded a tcount of 6.609 and a table of 1.704. Means counting> ttable. It can be concluded that the practice of kicking nine balls into the goal which was carried out for 16 times had an influence on the accuracy of the shooting skills of the soccer player of Physical Education students FKIP UNRI.

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