Application of the Game's “Reliable Storyteller” Method to Improve the Speaking Skills of Students

Delia Putri, Elvina Elvina


This study aims to improve students' speaking skills by applying the game's "reliable storyteller" method. This type of research is action research. The subjects of the study were 21 students at SDN 006 Rambah. The research instrument used was an observation sheet and a performance test. The results showed that the activities of students in the first cycle were in the sufficient category and the second cycle was in the good category. Furthermore, student learning outcomes in speaking skills have increased from pre-cycle with 33% completeness and 64.00 class average, cycle I with completeness 47%and 72.15 class average, cycle II with 95% completeness and average the class average is 89.20. It was concluded that the game's "reliable storytelling" method could improve speaking skills in grade IV students at SDN 006 Rambah.

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