Application of Example Nonexample Learning Model Based on Bruner’s Theory in Identifying Plane Figure

Sehatta Saragih, Zuhri D Suhermi


Lack of concept mastery is thought to be one of the causes of students' difficulties in learning mathematics. Moreover, a learning management unsuitablewith the level of students’intellectual development and the low active role of students in learning is seen as a trigger for a tenuous control of concepts.This condition underlies the importance of a research, so the goal is to examine the impact of the application of ExampleNon Example learning models, guided by Bruner's Theory. This study employs the design of pre-test and post-test Group Design with a sample of 199 people. Research data were collected by tests and analyzed descriptively and inferentially. The results show that the application of the Examples Non Examples model based on Bruner’s theory contributes significantly to improve students understanding ofthe concept of plane figure by 47.8%.


Conceptual Mastery Capasity, Example Nonexample Learning model, Bruner’s Theory

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