Character Education Values on Novel “Sepatu Dahlan” by Khrisna Pabichara: Critical Reading

Gusnetti Gusnetti, Agustina Agustina, Ermanto Ermanto


This article discusses the values of character education in the novel “Sepatu Dahlan” by Khrisna Pabichara. The theory used in this article is guided by the article Tarigan (2009), Ermanto (2012), Ulinnuha (2013), Karnasa (2013), Gusnetti (2014), Jalilihar et al. (2015), Kulkarni et al (2015), Tornberg (2016), Sriwimon (2017) Sanz (2017). This research was carried out with qualitative research with descriptive methods. The results showed that there were 15 characters of education found in the novel” Sepatu Dahlan” by Khrisna Pabichara, on the other hand, religious, honest, responsible, disciplined, hard work, creative, independent, democratic, curiosity, achievement, communicative, peaceful love, environment care, social care, and responsibility. Thus it can be concluded that novel “Sepatu Dahlan” can be implied in Indonesian language subjects in high school based on the 2013 curriculum.


value of character education, novel : Sepatu Dahlan”, Learning Indonesian high school.

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