Local Wisdom of Lubuk Larangan in Subayang River as a Source of Learning Environmental Education

Sri Wulandari, Suwondo Suwondo, Rudy Haryanto


Riau Province has a diversity of local wisdom, including the local wisdom of Lubuk Larangan in Subayang River. This research was conducted to find out whether the local wisdom of lubuk larangan in Subayang River can be integrated as a learning resource environmental education for students. The study was conducted in Batu Songgan, Muarobio and Tanjung Belit Villages, Kampar Kiri Hulu Subdistrict, Kampar District, Riau Province in August-September 2018. Data collected are the local wisdom of lubuk larangan and environmental education curriculum through interviews, field observations, and documentation. Data analysis was a descriptive qualitative way to identify the potential for integrating local wisdom as a learning resource. The study results show that the people of Batu Songgan, Muarobio, and Tanjung Belit Villages have are local wisdom values in environmental management efforts. The Environmental Education Course has Sub-Learning Outcomes "Explaining various efforts in sustainable environmental management", as a lecture topic. All these components can be integrated with environmental education learning at the Riau University.


Environmental education, learning resources, local wisdom, Subayang river

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