Implementing Inquiry Learning Model to Improve Primary Students’ Critical Thinking Skills in Science Learning

Dyah Ayu Kinanti, Eriyanti Eriyanti, Haerani Haerani, Mahmud Alpusari, Neni Hermita


This research aims to improveprimary students’ critical thinking skill through inquiry learning model in science learning. This research was classroom action research in two cycles with consist of planning, action, observation, and reflection. Each cycle consisted of two sessions. Data collection techniques were non-test and test. Data were analyzed using quantitative and qualitative analysis. The results of the research show the percentage of the critical thinking skill outcomes in first cycle is 66.67 % and second cycle is 80.55 %. The average teacher’s skill in first cycle scored 26 (good category) and second cycle scored 33 (excellent category). The average in student’s activity first cycle scored 69 (good category) and second cycle scored 91 (excellent category). In conclusion, implementing inquiry learning model can improve critical thinking skill primary students’ critical thinking skill.


Inquiry Learning model; Critical Thinking Skill; science learning.

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