The Development of Chemical Modules Based on POE (Predict, Observe, Explain) in the Solution Colligative Properties Subject as a Learning Resources for Senior High School/Equal

Ervi yenni, Betty Holiwarni, Sri Haryati


The study aims to develop POE-based learning resources in the form of modules for senior high school chemistry on the solution colligative properties subject. The research method used is development research. Development research used 4-D model which are carried out in four stage: Define, Design, Development, and Disseminate. In the research only on the stage of development. The developed POE-based learning source prototype was validated by 4 validators, 2 people as experts and 2 people as users. The research data was obtained through a validation sheet filled by the validator. The results of the assessment of the four validators in each aspect assessed by the category are very good.The conclusion shows that the POE-based modules produced for senior high school chemistry learning on solution colligative properties are valid in terms of content and construction.


Module Based on POE, Chemistry of Senior High School, Colligative Properties of Solution

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