Factors Affecting The Success of High School Principals of West Lombok Regency in Implementing Their Leadership Functions Based on The Ministerial National Education Regulation No. 13 of 2007

Untung Waluyo, Asrin Asrin, Lalu Muhaimi


With the coming of educational reform in Indonesia, school principals are required to have adequate competencies to meet the national standards. The setting of this standard is intended to reduce the achievement gap among principals and ensure that all schools run the government policies. Minister of National Education (MONE) Regulation Number No. 13 of 2007 has mandated that every principal’s performance be evaluated on a regular basis. However, this evaluation has not revealed much the real condition in the field. For this reason, the current research attempts to evaluate success factors made by principals in performing 5 dimensions of leadership. The research was conducted in West Lombok Regency and employed a qualitative research design. Results of the study show that factors that determined principals’ success in sustaining their leaderships, among other things, were their abilities to network, collaborate, develop partnerships, and meet teachers’ welfares and students’ achievements.


MONE; Principal Leadership; success factors

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