The Efforts to Improve Teacher’s Competency in Learning Process Through The Academic Supervision in SMP Negeri 13 Dumai

Yulvisriani Yulvisriani


In academic supervision, teachers need professional competence so that the quality of teaching is
increases. In this PTS study that examines the results of supervision of teachers at random from class VII
to class IX as many as 10 people consisting of 8 female and 2 male at SMP Negeri 13 Dumai Academic
Year 2016/2017. The measured parameters are the result of teaching preparation (syllabus and lesson
plan) of teaching activities in the classroom. That is done during supervision for two cycles in one
semester. data of PTS analysis and academic supervision increase, teacher's ability in general in
preparation of teaching cycle I reaches 28.30% and on cycle II reaches 28.83% mean that there is an
increase of 0.53%. while in learning activity in cycle I average 49.37% and cycle II 51.79% 2.42%
increase. therefore it can be concluded the application of academic supervision can improve the
competence of professionalism of teachers so that the quality of teaching increases.


Teaching competence; Academic supervision; Teaching and learning process; PTS

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