Indonesian Language Politeness of Elementary Students at SDN 06 Kota Bengkulu

Daimun Daimun, Novia Novia


The purpose of this research was to describe Indonesian language politeness among the students, and
between the students to their teachers at SDN 06 Kota Bengkulu. The subject of this research was the
students at five grade. The scope of this research was the use of verbal and nonverbal politeness by the
students and the teacher of SDN 06 Bengkulu: students with students, and students with teachers. This
type of this research was qualitative descriptive. Data collected by observation, field notes, interview
techniques and recording technique. Steps of data analysis conducted in stages, data reduction, data
display and data verification. The results of this research on linguistic politeness Indonesia students in the
SDN 06 Kota Bengkulu, their are (1) for politeness the students data found conversional politeness
students more than the data conversation violation of politeness, 21 data conversations containng maxims
of politeness and 5 data conversation violation maxim of politeness, (2) for politeness between students
and teachers found 7 data containing politeness conversation, and was not found students who violate the
maxim of politeness and not found students against teachers. All data conversation concluded with a look
at the context of the speech that underline the conversation. The conclusion of this research was the
politeness among the students and the students to their teacher reveal politeness. For nonverbal language,
in students speaking use between body language and verbal language.


Politeness; Verbal Language; Nonverbal Language; Elementary Stude

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