The Use of Talking Sticklearning Model to Improve Interest of Students Majoring at Pancasila and Civic Education in Studying Political Science

Sri Erlinda


This classroom action research aims to improve, understand, and describe students’ interest in studying political sciences in the Pancasila and Civic Education program in Faculty of Teachers Training and Education, Riau University by using a Talking Stick learning model.Students’ interest in studying political sciences is still low, observed from the low number of actively participated-students (10%) in the classroom and such attitudes as not enthusiastic and having greatanxiety towards the lecturers. There were 36 third-semester students chosen as the research subject. The research evaluated by an observer was conducted in two cycles.Data like lecturers’ and students’ activities, and students’ interest in studying were gathered through observation sheets, and analyzed on the basis of descriptive method. The research result shows that the lecturers’ activity in the first cycle was ‘very good’ and that it is improved to be to ‘excellent’in the second cycle. The students’ activity in both cycles isgreat. Meanwhile, their study interest is increasedas thesecond cyclewas completed.


talking stickand study interest

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