Development of Students’ Worksheet with Realistic Mathematic Education on Subject Triangel

Nur Atika, Zubaidah Amir MZ


The research aims to produce students’ worksheet validly and practically with Realistic Mathematic Education (RME) approach on the triangle lesson. This research was conducted at Junior High School 7 Bengkalis. The subject of this research are the experts and students class VII which 6 among them taken as small group trial and 30 students taken as big group trial. The development usedthe ADDIE method, namely: (A) analysis, including the curriculum analysis and the needs analysis; (D) design, including the preparation of students’ worksheet; (D) development, to develop students’ worksheet with Realistic Mathematics Education (RME); (I) implementation, in the small and big group; (E) evaluation, to analyze the data. The scores of results through the inquiry conducted by the media, the material, the small group trial, and the big group trialare90%,84,45%,90,08%, and 89,14% respectively. The data shows that the development of the students’ worksheet is appropriate and does not have to be revised, but needs to follow up on comments and suggestions to complete.


Development of Students’ Worksheet; RME; Ability of Mathematically Critical Thinking

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