Application of Inkuiri Guided Learning Models Using Handout on Study Biology Learning Outcome

Suparmi Suparmi


In the learning process required models and media to achieve a good learning outcome. So in this study researching the outcomes of biology students learning grade VII-1 SMPN 25 Pekanbaru Lesson Year 2012/2013 with the implementation of Inquiry learning Guided by Handout conducted in class VII-1 SMP N25 Pekanbaru which amounted to 37 students with 20 male students and 17 female students. Parameters measured are the outcomes of student learning in the form of absorption and mastery of student learning obtained from the quiz each time the meeting and the test block at each end of the cycle. Data analysis is descriptive. The outcome of data analysis obtained from the implementation of Inkuiri learning Guided by Handout is the absorption of students increased by 0.35% from before PTK (73.37%) after PTK cycle I (73.72%) and increased by (11, 36%) after cycle II (85.08%). The classical mastery of student learning before the PTK (59.45%) increased to 72.97% after PTK cycle I and in cycle II increased (21.62%) to (94.59%). The value of KI before PTK 65.94% increased by 10.06% after PTK cycle 1 (76%) and increased by 7.36% after cycle 2 (83.36%). The classical mastery of KI before PTK (62.16%) increased to 83.78% after PTK cycle I and in cycle II increased (13.52%) to (97.30%). It can be concluded that the implementation of Guided Inquiry learning using Handout can improve students' learning outcomes of grade VII-1 SMP N25 Pekanbaru Lesson Year 2012/2013.


Guided Inquiry Learning; Learning Outcomes; Handout; PTK

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