The Development of Learning Media for The Kinetic Theory of Gases with Augmented Reality Technology

Rifqa Gusmida, Nur Islami, M Rahmad


Nowadays, Augmented Reality takes on a new purpose in education. Augmented Reality enables in influencing the effectiveness of learning, especially to learn abstract phenomena using a concrete way. The objectives of this research were developing, designing and validating the learning media for the theory kinetic of gases with Augmented Reality. The methodology of this research followed the Research and Development (R&D) method using instructional design type ADDIE, includes the step of analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. Sources of data were the assessment sheet provided to 6 validators. Aspects assessed included designing, pedagogical, learning content and ease of use. Furthermore, data were analyzed descriptively to determine the result and the validity. The result showed that validation assessment of all aspects got average score 3.55 with a very high category. Therefore, concluded the learning media is declared valid, it is eligible to be used as the learning media of physics.


Augmented Reality; Kinetic Theory of Gases; Learning Media

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